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closed 10/4/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Origin Financial, acquired MyAdvocate, Inc.

synopsis: Origin, the startup reimagining financial wellness in the workplace, has acquired MyAdvocate, which provides a simple step-by-step online tool to create a full estate plan in under 20 minutes. The acquisition helps Origin extend its financial wellness platform into estate planning, including wills and trust creation.
buyer: Origin Financial
Combining proprietary technology with Certified Financial Planners, Origin is an all-in-one software based financial management platform that enables people to track spend and income, get expert advice, take action, and manage their money confidently and with ease. "
target: MyAdvocate, Inc.
MyAdvocate is an online document preparation service designed by attorneys. MyAdvocate has helped thousands of customers create their legacy, make their wishes known, and provide for loved ones with its online estate planning product suite.
price ($mm)
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closed 10/4/2023 via Company Press Release

Bechtle AG, acquired PLANET AI

synopsis: Bechtle AG has acquired a 51 per cent stake in Rostock-based AI company Planet AI GmbH. PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis – IDA – enables customers to unlock and process information from unstructured documents, automate data capture, and achieve the most accurate results.
closed 10/4/2023 via BusinessWire

Merge World, acquired Zee Jay Digital

synopsis: MERGE, a premium storytelling technology company that promotes health, wealth and happiness, has acquired Zee Jay Digital, an Adobe Workfront platform partner that helps enterprise and high-growth organizations better orchestrate and automate their content supply chain.
closed 10/4/2023 via Company Press Release

Heywood Pension Technologies, acquired Idiom Limited

synopsis: Heywood Pension Technologies, a leading provider of pension management solutions, acquired Idiom Limited, a renowned software company specialising in market-leading business rules software and data management software solutions. Idiom is a New Zealand based software company that develops the ‘Idiom Decision Manager’.
announced 10/4/2023 via BNC Analysis

Shift4 Payments, will purchase Sports and Entertainment Business from SpotOn

synopsis: Shift4, a leading provider of payment and technology solutions, will acquire SpotOn's Sports & Entertainment business. SpotOn is a cutting-edge payments and software company redefining merchant services. Their Sports & Entertainment business provides POS systems and payment solutions to clients in the sports and entertainment industries.
closed 10/4/2023 via BusinessWire

Invafresh, acquired Whywaste AB

synopsis: Ontario-based Invafresh, the industry leading fresh grocery platform, has acquired Whywaste, a leading Swedish provider of digital end-of-life product solutions for grocery retailers and convenience stores to help reduce food waste, maintain regulatory compliance and increase profitability.
closed 10/4/2023 via PR Newswire

PA Media Group plc, acquired iRace Media Pte. Ltd.

synopsis: PA Media Group, a multimedia news company in the UK, has acquired iRace Media, Southeast Asia's leading horse racing technology, data, information & publishing company. iRace works with with B2B customers to promote their racing coverage. Their website and magazine provides consumers with horse racing news, form guides, tips, race results and more.
closed 10/3/2023 via GlobeNewswire

American Health Information Management Association, acquired HCPro, Inc.

synopsis: The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has acquired HCPro, an industry leader in integrated information, education, training, and consulting products and services in healthcare compliance and revenue cycle management. AHIMA will operate HCPro as a for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary.
closed 10/3/2023 via BusinessWire

Veryon, acquired Rusada

synopsis: Veryon, a leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry, has acquired Switzerland-based Rusada, a prominent player in the aviation maintenance management software industry. The acquisition strengthens Veryon's position as a trusted aviation management software market leader.
closed 10/3/2023 via BusinessWire

Transact Campus Inc, acquired Quickcharge

synopsis: Transact Campus, Inc., the award-winning leader in innovative campus technology and payment solutions, has acquired Quickcharge, a dining and retail technology platform for K-12, Healthcare, Corporate, and Government campuses. Quickcharge is a robust software suite with solutions for every aspect of workplace dining and retail technology.
closed 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

PMG Worldwide, acquired Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

synopsis: PMG, a global, independent digital company, announced the acquisition of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, one of the largest independent agency buyers of video, OTT, and CTV, and leaders across business and marketing transformation for more than 40 years.
closed 10/2/2023 via BNC Analysis

AHK Designs Limited, acquired Victoria Plum Ltd.

synopsis: Private equity firm Endless has confirmed the sale of online bathroom retailer Victoria Plum to AHK Designs Limited, an e-commerce retailer based in Greater London.
closed 10/2/2023 via PR Newswire

Global Education Holdings, acquired MLA College

synopsis: Global Education Holdings (GEDU), a higher education provider in the UK, announced the successful acquisition of the MLA College (MLA) in the UK. MLA College is a global, award-winning Higher Education provider specializing in the delivery of UK distance learning degrees, predominantly for the marine and maritime sector.
announced 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

Trane Technologies plc, will acquire Nuvolo

synopsis: Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator, will acquire Nuvolo, a global leader in modern, cloud-based connected workplace and enterprise asset management products and solutions. Nuvolo helps customers modernize facilities management, optimize spaces, and manage the full lifecycle of enterprise assets utilizing a single solution.
closed 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

Arlington Capital Partners, acquired Avenu Insights & Analytics

synopsis: Arlington Capital Partners, a Washington, DC-area private equity firm, announced that it has acquired Avenu Insights & Analytics, a provider of integrated administrative, revenue enhancement and payment software and solutions to state and local governments, from Mill Point Capital.
closed 10/2/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Tenable Network Security Inc, acquired Ermetic

synopsis: Tenable Holdings, Inc., the Exposure Management company, has completed its acquisition of Ermetic Ltd., a fully integrated cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) company, and a leading provider of cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM).
closed 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

MSCI Inc., acquired Burgiss

synopsis: MSCI Inc., a leading provider of mission-critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community, has acquired the remaining 66% of The Burgiss Group, LLC, a Hoboken, New Jersey-based market-leading provider of data, analytics, and technology solutions for investors in private assets.
closed 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

MarketAxess Holdings, Inc., acquired Pragma LLC

synopsis: MarketAxess Holdings Inc. has acquired Pragma, a quantitative trading technology provider specializing in algorithmic and analytical services in equities, FX and fixed-income. Pragma’s algorithmic trading platform and quantitative execution solutions provide clients with automated, AI driven, multi-asset and multi-market execution solutions.
closed 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

Accenture, acquired SIGNAL, Inc.

synopsis: Accenture has acquired Tokyo-based firm Signal, a subsidiary of Vector, Inc., one of Japan's largest PR companies. Signal is a diversified PR firm, offering integrated marketing services like social media management, influencer marketing, advertising, market research, web design and site construction.
closed 10/2/2023 via BusinessWire

Prisma Media, purchased Thematic Online Media and Services Division from Groupe M6

synopsis: M6 Group has finalized the sale of its thematic online media and services division to the Group Prisma Media. This division is made up of 8 powerful brands focusing on everyday themes : Passeport Santé (1st health website in France), Cuisine AZ (2nd cooking website in France), Fourchette & Bikini, Déco, Turbo, M6 Météo, Croq’Kilos, Croq’Body.
closed 9/29/2023 via BusinessWire

Tiny, acquired Letterboxd Limited

synopsis: Tiny Ltd, a Canadian technology holding company, has completed a majority acquisition of Letterboxd, a global social platform for film discovery and discussion. Letterboxd’s members gather on the platform to track what they watch, engage in discourse through sharing of reviews and lists, log and rate movies, and follow other like-minded cinephiles.
buyer: Tiny (TSXV:TINY:$111.96)
Tiny is a leading Canadian technology holding company with a strategy of acquiring majority stakes in wonderful businesses. Tiny has three core business segments, Beam, WeCommerce and Dribbble, with other standalone businesses including a private equity investment fund. "
target: Letterboxd Limited
Letterboxd is a global social platform for film discovery and discussion. Letterboxd’s members gather on the platform to track what they watch, engage in discourse through sharing of reviews and lists, log and rate movies, and follow other like-minded cinephiles.
price ($mm)
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EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 9/29/2023 via PR Newswire

Blattner Tech, acquired The Indoor Lab LLC

synopsis: Blattner Technologies, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence, has announced its acquisition of The Indoor Lab, a cutting-edge lidar analytics company with AI-powered, advanced perception software and end to end data analytics.
closed 9/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

National World, acquired The Midland News Association Ltd.

synopsis: National World, one of the UK's fastest growing national news brands, has acquired Midland News Association (MNA Media) from the Claverley Group, a newspaper publisher in the UK. MNA Media is an independent newspaper publisher in the UK. Their portfolio includes well-read weekly newspapers, lifestyle magazines and niche publications.
closed 9/28/2023 via PR Newswire

Paessler AG, acquired ITPS AG

synopsis: Paessler AG, a leading German provider of IT, Operation Technology, and IoT monitoring solutions, has acquired ITPS AG. Headquartered in Switzerland, ITPS is known for its CORP-IT software products and has established itself in the IT industry through its innovative solutions.
closed 9/28/2023 via PR Newswire

Overfuel, acquired 321 Ignition

synopsis: Overfuel, a digital retail platform designed for the automotive industry, has acquired 321 Ignition, a mobile-first car-buying website platform. 321 Ignition enables dealerships to upgrade their websites to be more mobile friendly. Their platform allows users to create customer-first, frustration-free online experiences that lead to more sales.
closed 9/28/2023 via PR Newswire

The Bloc, acquired X-Ray AG

synopsis: The Bloc, a global, fully independent health creative agency, has acquired X-Ray, the largest full-service health creative agency in Switzerland. X-Ray understands the pharmaceutical industry’s needs and creates tailored communication strategies for them. They offer services for brand development, direct mailings, web design, events, and more.
closed 9/28/2023 via PR Newswire

The Bloc, acquired Thenewway

synopsis: The Bloc, a global, fully independent health creative agency, has acquired Thenewway, a full service healthcare communication agency in Italy. Thenewway creates successful healthcare communication programs, driven by creativity. They offer services for branding, integrated campaigns, events, social media, websites, and more.
closed 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

eHub, acquired ShipKey

synopsis: eHub, a leader in shipping rates and logistical optimization, announced its acquisition of ShipKey. ShipKey was designed for e-commerce teams and 3PLs to better organize, track and fulfill orders. The software's advanced features enable high fulfillment performance and great growth potential for teams shipping mid to high-volume per month.
closed 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Yandex N.V., acquired Skazbuka

synopsis: Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe, has acquired Skazbuka from Zebrainy, an educational game developer in Malta. Skazbuka is a mobile platform for educational games for young children in Russia. Skazbuka offers more than 40 mini-games that help children to develop various skills, including logic, reading, counting, and more.
announced 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Scienjoy Holding Corporation, will acquire Nujoom Almashreq Media L.L.C

synopsis: Scienjoy, a leading live streaming platform in China, will acquire a 90% stake in Nujoom Almashreq Media L.L.C, a multi-channel network internet celebrity incubator in Dubai. Nujoom is committed to discovering, nurturing and propelling content creators into the spotlight. The company aims to help millions of influencers grow on the TikTok platform.
closed 9/28/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Loadsmart, acquired NavTrac

synopsis: Loadsmart, a leading freight technology and transportation service provider, has acquired NavTrac, a technology company specialized in computer vision for yard, terminal, and asset management. With the acquisition, Loadsmart expands its solutions to offer a digitized and automated way to manage inventory and track assets.
closed 9/28/2023 via Company Press Release

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG, acquired Conexos

synopsis: NTT DATA Business Solutions AG expands its software product portfolio with the acquisition of Conexos, the market leader for solutions for trading companies in Brazil. Founded in 1998, Conexos serves clients in the retail, trading, logistics, industrial, and commodity exchange sectors.
closed 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Songtradr, acquired Bandcamp

synopsis: Songtradr, a music licensing platform and marketplace company supporting artists, labels and publishers, has acquired Bandcamp from Epic Games. Bandcamp is an online music store and community with over 5 million artists and labels where fans can discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love.
announced 9/28/2023 via Yahoo, Inc.

Ideagen Plc, will acquire DevonWay

synopsis: Ideagen have announced their intention to acquire DevonWay, a leading provider of compliance and operations management software to sectors such as energy and utilities, advanced manufacturing, nuclear power generation, and US national laboratories.
announced 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Saregama, will acquire Pocket Aces Pvt. Ltd.

synopsis: Saregama, India's oldest music label, will acquire a 51.8% stake in Pocket Aces, India's leading digital entertainment company. Pocket Aces creates and distributes content for the Indian millennial. Their channels provide short-form sharable content, fictional web series, and non-fiction shows. They also operate a game streaming platform.
closed 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Tangelo, Inc., acquired Diet ID

synopsis: "Food-as-Medicine" platform Tangelo announced the acquisition of Diet ID, Inc. Diet ID is a cutting-edge digital health platform, boasting a patented method for comprehensive digital dietary evaluation. Diet ID has broad market application in clinical, coaching, employer wellness, and more.
announced 9/28/2023 via BusinessWire

ContentSquare, will acquire Heap

synopsis: Contentsquare, a global leader in digital experience analytics, will acquire Heap, a leading product analytics platform. More than 1,200+ companies use Heap’s cross-device and cross-channel analytics to visualize customer engagement over time and improve adoption and retention.
closed 9/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Crédit Agricole SA, acquired Worklife SAS

synopsis: Crédit Agricole, the French multinational banking group, has acquired Worklife SAS, a French fintech startup. Worklife has developed a mobile application that consolidates employee benefits, such as meal vouchers, sustainable mobility packages, and transport passes, into a single platform.
closed 9/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

Collective Artists Network, acquired Under 25 Universe

synopsis: Collective Artists Network, a multi-faceted talent management powerhouse in India, has acquired Under 25 Universe, a learning-technology company in India. Under 25 Universe fosters a strong connection with young students and help them to unlock their potential through their student network app, the Under 25 summit, and multiple media platforms.
closed 9/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

Tern Capital Limited, acquired CADS Ltd

synopsis: Great Yarmouth ,UK-based CA Design Services (CADS) has announced its acquisition by Tern Capital, which invests in software and technology-led businesses. For over 35 years, UK-based CADS has delivered a wide range of retail space planning and measured survey services, including developing unique space planning software.
closed 9/22/2023 via BNC Analysis

The Mediapro Studio, acquired Cimarrón

synopsis: Madrid-based The Mediapro Studio, one of Europe’s biggest independent and international creation-production-distribution powerhouses, has acquired Cimarrón, the Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico-based production house and services company.
buyer parent: Orient Securities Company Limited
buyer: The Mediapro Studio
Madrid-based The Mediapro Studio is one of Europe’s biggest independent and international creation-production-distribution powerhouses. Mediapro is currently a key player in the content creation, production and distribution industry for all genres of television, film and screenings. "
target: Cimarrón
Cimarrón is a production house and services company that creates original ideas, acquires editorial rights, develops, funds, produces and markets prime quality feature films and series, establishing alliances aimed to generate premium content. They are based in Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 9/22/2023 via Company Press Release, Inc., will acquire Airkit

synopsis: Salesforce has signed a definitive agreement to acquire, a creator of AI powered customer service applications and experiences. enables Fortune 500 and fast growing businesses to build flexible, omni-channel customer engagement applications, and AI-based customer service agents.
closed 9/22/2023 via BNC Analysis

Procore Technologies, acquired Unearth

synopsis: Unearth Technologies, a Seattle startup that develops mapping software for the construction industry, was acquired by Procore Technologies, a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction.
closed 9/22/2023 via Company Press Release merged with Positive Group,

synopsis: Positive Group, a French digital marketing specialist, has acquired, a SaaS lead management solution in France. provides sales teams with the fastest and easiest way to manage leads. Their platform enables users to gather leads from multiple sources, ensure consistent follow-ups, and close more deals.
closed 9/21/2023 via Company Press Release

Visma Advantage, acquired Quaderno

synopsis: Visma, a leading Norwegian provider of mission-critical cloud software, has acquired Quaderno, a SaaS tax management platform for global e-commerce. Based in Spain, Quaderno’s fully automated solution helps online businesses worldwide calculate the right tax rates based on input like customer location and the type of product or service sold.
closed 9/21/2023 via BNC Analysis

Domotz, acquired GlassWire

synopsis: Domotz has acquired GlassWire, a renowned endpoint security and traffic monitoring software company. This move is a significant milestone in Domotz's mission to provide effortless network visibility and IT infrastructure monitoring and management through a centralized, user-friendly platform.
closed 9/21/2023 via PR Newswire

Recast Software Inc, acquired Liquit B.V.

synopsis: Recast Software, a leader in endpoint management solutions, has acquired Liquit, a leader in application management in the Netherlands. Liquit provides end-users with clear and dynamic access to all of their applications and gives IT teams a fast, simple, and transparent way to manage and provision applications.
closed 9/21/2023 via Company Press Release

Valsoft Corp, acquired ICL Inc.

synopsis: Valsoft Corporation Inc., a Montreal-based company specializing in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses, has acquired ICL, a leading provider of solutions for transportation and logistics. ICL provides a wide range of software and consulting services to help manage the entire transportation process.
closed 9/21/2023 via BNC Analysis

Perfios Software Solutions Pvt., Ltd., acquired Fego

synopsis: Perfios, India’s largest SaaS-based B2B fintech software company, has acquired Fego, an open finance platform in India. Fego helps businesses to deliver better financial experiences. Their APIs enable companies to connect users’ financial accounts, enrich their customer experience and better understand the financial behaviour of their users.
closed 9/21/2023 via BusinessWire

Bleecker Street Group, acquired Ripple

synopsis: Bleecker Street Group (BSG), a global software holding company, acquired Ripple, a leading integrated maritime software company. Ripple's platform provides Maritime Compliance, Maintenance, Crew Management solutions. Their software is tried and tested in the highly sophisticated and regulated markets of Tugboats, Towboats, Barges, OSVs and Ferries.
announced 9/21/2023 via PR Newswire

Cisco Systems, Inc., will acquire Splunk Inc.

synopsis: Cisco, the worldwide technology leader, will acquire Splunk, a cybersecurity and observability leader. Splunk keeps businesses securely up and running. Their AI-powered unified security and observability platform provides data-driven insights that help prevent security, infrastructure and application issues from becoming major incidents.
closed 9/21/2023 via BusinessWire

InformedDNA, Inc., acquired gWell, Inc.

synopsis: InformedDNA, a company that’s revolutionizing the application of genomic insights, announced its acquisition of gWell Health, a digital health, genomics, and wellness company. The gWell platform is designed to create a personalized wellness plan for users based on DNA analysis, health history, and lifestyle.
closed 9/21/2023 via GlobeNewswire

WatchGuard Technologies, acquired CyGlass

synopsis: WatchGuard Technologies, a global leader in unified cybersecurity, announced the acquisition of CyGlass Technology Services, a leading provider of Cloud and network-centric threat detection and response solutions that help organizations see risks, stop threats, and prove compliance.
announced 9/20/2023 via PR Newswire

Gigster, will acquire CodersRank Zrt.

synopsis: Gigster, a leading custom software development platform that assembles project-specific teams using its proprietary AI-driven engine, will acquire CodersRank, a comprehensive and transparent developer ranking SaaS platform used by companies worldwide.
announced 9/20/2023 via BNC Analysis

Serasa Experian, will acquire AllowMe Tecnologias Ltda.

synopsis: Serasa Experian, a Brazilian provider of credit risk and fraud management intelligence, will acquire AllowMe from Tempest, a cybersecurity company in Brazil. AllowMe is a provider of anti-fraud software solutions in Brazil. Their solution analyzes hundreds of device variables to detect suspicious behavior and stop fraud.
closed 9/20/2023 via BNC Analysis

The Citation Group, acquired Quiqsolutions Limited

synopsis: Health and safety adviser The Citation Group has completed its acquisition of QuiqSolutions. Based in Prees, Shropshire, QuiqSolutions is a provider of cloud-based compliance and quality management services for NHS trusts, schools, health and social care providers and multi-academy trusts across the UK.
closed 9/20/2023 via PR Newswire

Collabera Digital, acquired Digiterre Ltd.

synopsis: India-based Collabera Digital, a leading provider of digital engineering services, has acquired Digiterre, a multi award-winning software and data engineering consultancy firm in the UK. The acquisition will help accelerate Collabera Digital's plans to position themselves at the forefront of next-generation data-led innovation and AI advancement.
closed 9/20/2023 via PR Web

Simpplr, acquired

synopsis: Simpplr, the lead employee experience platform, has expanded its strategic footprint by acquiring, a generative AI-powered virtual employee assistant. Socrates leverages artificial intelligence to construct the conversational answers and information employees need.
closed 9/20/2023 via GlobeNewswire

AppTech Corp, acquired FinZeo

synopsis: AppTech Payments Corp., a pioneering Fintech company powering frictionless commerce between business to business and business to consumer, will acquire FinZeo, a software development company that focuses on providing advanced payment and banking technology to both large and small businesses.
closed 9/20/2023 via BusinessWire

Billups, acquired TAC Media

synopsis: Billups, a global Out-of-Home (OOH) technology and managed services company, announced the acquisition of TAC Media Sdn. Bhd., a prominent OOH advertising specialist based in Malaysia.
closed 9/28/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Playtika Ltd., acquired Innplay Labs

synopsis: Playtika Holding Corp., an Israeli mobile games pioneer and interactive entertainment leader, has acquired Innplay Labs, a mobile gaming studio based in Israel. The acquisition represents an opportunity for Playtika to expand its presence in the Luck Battle genre.
buyer: Playtika Ltd. (PLTK:$2,615.50)
Playtika is a mobile gaming entertainment and technology market leader with a portfolio of multiple game titles. Headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, Playtika was among the first to offer free-to-play social games on social networks and, shortly after, on mobile platforms. "
target: Innplay Labs
Innplay Labs is an Israeli-based mobile gaming studio. Founded in 2019, Innplay Labs is fueled by a passionate team of game developers and operators committed to crafting exceptional gaming experiences that transcend boundaries and capture the hearts of players worldwide.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 9/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Quartix, acquired Konetik

synopsis: Quartix, a global provider of vehicle tracking solutions, has acquired Konetik, a provider of electric vehicle management solutions in Germany. Konetik provides an automated AI driven vehicle and charging advisor. Their platform helps companies to find the most suitable electric vehicles for their fleet and plan their charging infrastructure.
closed 9/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Plan B Media, acquired Falcon Media

synopsis: Plan B Media, a leading out-of-home media service provider in Thailand, has acquired a 70% stake in Falcon Media, a provider of digital out-of-home advertising services in Singapore. Falcon Media offers large out-of-home media platforms to help businesses reach more consumers. The company operates over 70 digital billboards across Singapore.
closed 9/15/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Bitwave IO, acquired Gilded

synopsis: Bitwave, the leading provider of enterprise finance solutions for digital assets, has acquired Gilded, a crypto payments and reporting platform. Gilded empowers businesses to run on blockchain by streamlining the process of tracking and reporting all crypto activity within an organization and eliminating costly accounting mistakes.
announced 9/15/2023 via Company Press Release

Shure Incorporated, will acquire Wavetool

synopsis: Shure, a leading global manufacturer of audio solutions, has announced it will acquire Wavetool, an audio and listening application that provides critical, comprehensive monitoring for audio professionals. Wavetool is developed by Wavemark Oy, a leader in software products for theater, film, TV, broadcast, and content streaming applications.
closed 9/15/2023 via Company Press Release

J. Arthur & Co., acquired ImageWorks, LLC

synopsis: J. Arthur & Co. has acquired ImageWorks, LLC, a full-service digital marketing and technology agency that helps companies achieve increased demand generation. The acquisition will strengthen J. Arthur & Co’s presence in the northeast, with primary access to the Connecticut, Boston, New York metro markets.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Qvest Group GmbH, acquired TeraVolt GmbH

synopsis: The Qvest Group has strengthened its service portfolio through the acquisition of TeraVolt. TeraVolt GmbH is an OTT developer and consultant from Hamburg that has established itself in the field of big screen applications, respectively Connected TV, and personalised live sports broadcasting.
announced 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Morgan Murphy Media, will purchase Michigan Stations from Marks Media Group

synopsis: Morgan Murphy Media said it is buying three TV stations and five radio stations in Michigan from Marks Media Group. The TV stations involved in the deal are WBKB Alpena, Mich.; WBUP Ishpeming/Marquette, Mich. and WBKP Calumet-Marquette, Mich.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release, purchased Hungarian online classifieds businesses from Adevinta ASA

synopsis: Adevinta ASA announces the closure of the sale of its Hungarian online classifieds businesses Jófogás, Használtautó.hu and Autónavigátor to, the leading real estate classifieds platform in Hungary. Jófogás provides services like door-to-door delivery. Használtautó.hu is a vehicle advertising site and Autónavigátor posts car reviews.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

DistroKid, acquired Bandzoogle

synopsis: Independent music distribution service DistroKid announced its acquisition of Bandzoogle, the website builder designed for musicians. Bandzoogle is the most effective platform for musicians to build their website and manage their direct-to-fan marketing and sales.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Opay, acquired Finja

synopsis: OPay, a mobile financial services platform in Africa, will acquire Finja, a new age financial services platform in Pakistan. Finja uses AI and data-driven methods to deliver financial services to the underbanked segment of the nation. They provide payments, collections, credit, and loan services to professionals, merchants and SME businesses.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Efalia SAS, acquired Fluicity SAS

synopsis: Efalia, a French leader in documents and processes digitalization, has acquired Fluicity, a civic tech company in France. Fluicity provides a community engagement solution that encourages citizens to participate in government decision-making. Their platform features solutions for calls for proposals, surveys, voting, participatory mapping and more.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release

Bluewave Technology Group, acquired JIL Communications

synopsis: Bluewave Technology Group, a visionary and customer-centric technology advisory and sourcing company dedicated to fostering strategic growth, announced its successful acquisition of J.I.L. Communications, Inc “JIL), a highly regarded telecommunications advisory agency headquartered in Louisville, KY.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release

Fives Group, acquired Prosim SA

synopsis: Fives, an international leader in industrial engineering, strengthens its capabilities with the acquisition of ProSim, an expert in process simulation and optimization. ProSim allows industries to become more energy efficient and make the best use of available resources.
closed 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Whogohost Limited, acquired Sendchamp Inc.

synopsis: WhoGoHost, a Nigerian cloud infrastructure company, has acquired SendChamp, a cloud communications startup based in Lagos. The acquisition will see WhoGoHost transform from a provider of domains and hosting infrastructure to a diverse digital services platform focusing on online presence, communication, domains, and online commerce products.
announced 9/14/2023 via BNC Analysis

Event Inc GmbH, will acquire Honest GmbH & Co. KG

synopsis: The Event Inc Group, Europe's largest platform for finding venues for corporate events, will acquire Honest GmbH & Co. KG, a full-service event company in Germany. Honest organizes events for businesses in various industries. They provide services for hybrid, virtual and on-site events.
closed 9/14/2023 via Company Press Release

Centric Software, Inc., acquired aifora

synopsis: Centric Software, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market leader, is excited to announce the acquisition of aifora, the AI-powered price and inventory optimization solution.
closed 9/14/2023 via

Recharge International B.V., acquired Startselect B.V.

synopsis: Recharge, a global leader in online prepaid payments, has acquired Startselect, a European digital gift and gaming cards company. Startselect provides an easy and convenient way to buy digital games and gift cards. They offer game codes for all platforms and gift cards for gaming, shopping, food, travel, and more.
closed 9/14/2023 via BusinessWire

SynMax, acquired Gas Vista LLC

synopsis: SynMax, a pioneering geospatial intelligence company, has acquired Gas Vista, a premier maritime energy trade flow analytics & visualization company. Gas Vista's flagship product, Leviaton, accurately predicts cargo movements at sea, empowering stakeholders to anticipate changes in commodity markets, policy, and geopolitics with unmatched accuracy.
closed 9/14/2023 via GlobeNewswire

ZoomerMedia Ltd., acquired TitusOne Inc.

synopsis: ZoomerMedia Limited, a Canadian multimedia company, has acquired Toronto-based TitusOne, Inc., a digital marketing agency. TitusOne specializes in growing digital audiences, magazine subscribers, television viewers, radio listeners, and CARP members through search, social media, and creative content strategies.

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